Hi there, how’s everyone? Still good and kicking? Good. Enjoying your life? Congratulations. Miss me? Aww~ thanks. hahahaha. Enough with this nonsense. Allow me to introduce you to my new update in this blog; Talent(less).

Am I going to harshly criticize reality show(s)… well, sort of. Am I going to spew hatred towards rising and popular artists that rise to cult-status using reality show?… Most definitely. However, what I really want to say here is how shallow people’s minds are when the word “TALENT” is concerned. Look around you, whenever a ‘talent’ show is on-air, it will be most definitely be about people singing and their…urm….supportive family and friends. This is not limited to this LuckyLand only, but it is occurring worldwide. I-doll series, X-tractor, Akademi Fantasmo, Geng Sters, Mentol; just to name a few.

So, what do I have against all these shows? Nothing really, but some change once in a while would be interesting. I’m sick of hearing (and watching) the contestants yelling  on the stage and the pitiful family jumps in joy when the camera is pointed towards them. I even think that they are famous primarily because they have the courage that I don’t have: The courage to embarrass oneself. I pity them, really, I do. Being an “Artist” seems to be the ultimate ambition for a lot of kids these days, I ‘m not sure why. Historically speaking, artist (or artisan) held the lowest status in society throughout the history. They only a bit higher than the untouchables (true story). So, my point is, why would anyone confuse the word “talent” for “ability”? Talent is much more broader than it is represented today in the media. I’ll give you an example; in American got talent (the tv show) I really like it when people come up with different wonderful acts other than singing. My favourite one is Terry Fator. Yes, he sings too, but the fact is, his true talent is ventriloquism and he can sing better than most artist WITHOUT opening his mouth. Now, THAT is talent. Another example, writers. Not everyone has what it take to be a great and consistent writer, and even less excel at it.

All in all, I just want to say that enough is enough. It’ s not that I hate artists in Malaysia, it’s just that I am REALLY annoyed when people say “Wow, he/she is very talented” and only meant for the singing aspect. Stop.

I can write… am I a talented writer?


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