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Hi there, how’s everyone? Still good and kicking? Good. Enjoying your life? Congratulations. Miss me? Aww~ thanks. hahahaha. Enough with this nonsense. Allow me to introduce you to my new update in this blog; Talent(less).

Am I going to harshly criticize reality show(s)… well, sort of. Am I going to spew hatred towards rising and popular artists that rise to cult-status using reality show?… Most definitely. However, what I really want to say here is how shallow people’s minds are when the word “TALENT” is concerned. Look around you, whenever a ‘talent’ show is on-air, it will be most definitely be about people singing and their…urm….supportive family and friends. This is not limited to this LuckyLand only, but it is occurring worldwide. I-doll series, X-tractor, Akademi Fantasmo, Geng Sters, Mentol; just to name a few.

So, what do I have against all these shows? Nothing really, but some change once in a while would be interesting. I’m sick of hearing (and watching) the contestants yelling  on the stage and the pitiful family jumps in joy when the camera is pointed towards them. I even think that they are famous primarily because they have the courage that I don’t have: The courage to embarrass oneself. I pity them, really, I do. Being an “Artist” seems to be the ultimate ambition for a lot of kids these days, I ‘m not sure why. Historically speaking, artist (or artisan) held the lowest status in society throughout the history. They only a bit higher than the untouchables (true story). So, my point is, why would anyone confuse the word “talent” for “ability”? Talent is much more broader than it is represented today in the media. I’ll give you an example; in American got talent (the tv show) I really like it when people come up with different wonderful acts other than singing. My favourite one is Terry Fator. Yes, he sings too, but the fact is, his true talent is ventriloquism and he can sing better than most artist WITHOUT opening his mouth. Now, THAT is talent. Another example, writers. Not everyone has what it take to be a great and consistent writer, and even less excel at it.

All in all, I just want to say that enough is enough. It’ s not that I hate artists in Malaysia, it’s just that I am REALLY annoyed when people say “Wow, he/she is very talented” and only meant for the singing aspect. Stop.

I can write… am I a talented writer?


A great plan

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Hi there! It’s been a while since I last wrote here. Not that I’m dead, but education took their tolls from me. hahaha. well, anyway, since you are reading this, that mean I have something to say and it got nothing to do with politics… just plain old people’s life. So, what’s the gos?

In the light of recent budget  for 2011, the head of the country announced that he plans to build a 100 storey-RM 5 billion worth of tower. It is a sign of a develop country and a total neccesity… reah right. Before you jump into any conclusion, let I remind you that this blog does not support any form political ideology, it is just a question from a normal regular citizen of a country. Ok, let’s get the heat up shall we?

First of all, what is actually the rationale of building that tower? Purely as a symbol? pfft~ do you even know what a symbol means? A symbol is a representation of something that exists but too big/hard to describe in words of show. The main core of symbols is to represent something that EXISTS. The tower that’s being suggested is said to symbolize a DEVELOP COUNTRY… WTF?? Ok, 1st of all I know that we are indeed somewhat develop from all the building etc. etc. But what about the people? Don’t they count in the definition of ‘develop’? Of 24million citizen in this country, how many percent have the a household worth more than RM4000 per-month? How many are homeless? How many have home, but in a very pitiable condition? and how many have to beg from their neighbours and friends just to have a pot of rice and a fried fish????

Next, I’ll take you to one of my old post, read it 1st. Just read the first few paragraphs. Sigh~ when the subsidy for oil was taken back slowly on the ground that it has become a burden for the government, I understand that. Unaviodably prices of other stuff rise as well. That’s unavoidable. BUT, SUDDENLY you have 5BILLION to spare to build a tower that would be nothing but an empty sight and more burden. sigh~ great plan. Let me give you an insight of average people’s life. 1st, we cannot claim any money from anyone everytime we pump the gas for our car or whenever we went for a vacation… but YOU can. 2nd, the price of groceries are ridiculous!!!! A bottle of 1 litre milk costs around RM6. That’s triple the price of UNRENEWABLE petroleum. You spend the money on campaign for us to live a healthy life and yet things that are suppose to keep us healthy CAN KILL US JUST USING THEIR PRICE!!! A second campaign is to encourage the citizen to read and gain more knowledge… what a wonderful campaign… NOT!!! the price of a good book as I mentioned before is at least RM50!!! That’s not cheap mind you, unless of course if you can claim back that money… la la la… Use that 5billion to do something else!!! lower the price of groceries, lower the price of books!!!! Aren’t the citizen especially the younger generations the most valuable asset a country have?? NOT a building!!!!

Talking about books… how about the schools?? Did you know that there are still many schools that use hazardous chalkboard??? Did you know that some students in many schools have to wear the same cloth everyday just because they cannot afford a new one??? Did you know that some students have to risk their lives crossing rivers just because there is no other SAFER option to go to school??? Did you know that some students have to forget about schooling at all because they have to help their poor parents by working so that the family could eat??!!! And I still haven’t touch about teachers’ salary vs. their workload.

Talk about a safer option, what about the public transportation? Have you ever been in Rapid buses at peak our WITHOUT your escorts and reporters following you around?? Have ever board one of those mini buses now?? when the price of public transportation was raised, you said its for better service. PLEASE… I don’t want to be redundant, read here.

You see, there’s a lot of IMPROVEMENT that can be made using that 5billion, significant ones too!!! Sigh~

Did you know that as a leader, you are accountable for all of this?? If not here, in the afterlife??


So, what’s the difference again?

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Today, another headline in the newspaper captured my attention. A bus had an accident and one of the passenger died. So, whats new? Well, in this incident, witnesses claimed that the bus driver was speeding AND TEXT-MESSAGING when the accident occurred. WHAT!!!! That is the worst case of lost life ever!!!!

So this brings me to my topic of wonder for today. Not too long ago, the government decided that in order to increase the level of public transportation, the FARE for public transportation need to be RAISE. GREAT CONCLUSION. It the advent of fare raising, many of the owners of taxi and bus company as well as their unions made it into prime time news and promised that with this rise of fare, public tranportation will be SMOOTHER and BETTER. Well, not half-year after that numerous public transport-related incident occurred; rape by the taxi driver, buses accidents, taxi over-charging, etc etc. EH??? Wait a minute, aren’t those incident ALSO happened BEFORE the fare rate increased? Sigh~

Now, even with the increased fare, if you see closely, NOTHING have changed!!! The buses are as crappy as ever; the broken seats, the chewing gums, the AMAZING time schedule (just to name a few). Back in my hometown, the fare from my house to the town using a bus (that seemingly can be displayed in a museum) is around RM1.50. YES!!! that is EXPENSIVE considering how close the town is and also the condition of the pathetic bus.

Oh, I forgot. There are some changes. First of all, I’ve noticed that there is increase in number of rude bus drivers (especially so in the Shah Alam district). I have personally faced several of them. Allow me to re-enact what happened; There are around twenty people waiting at the bus stop (some for more than an hour), the bus is late (again). Then the bus arrived. We board into the bus and realized that the bus is almost full (no choice, got to stand). THEN, the driver suddenly said “Woi!!! masuk belakang lagi la!!! Tak sekolah ke??”. At that moment, there was no room to more our fingers, let alone more further back. The driver continue to utter those words until suddenly I felt very angry because of it and I replied with a shout “Mana boleh nk masuk dalam da!!! Penuh la GILE. Bas datang setahun sekali nk sumbat penuh2!!!!” and then the driver shut-up.

Another incident happened when Iwas on my was back home. This time around, the bus is empty and I managed to get a seat. Oh, before I forget, I was waiting a full One and half hour for that bus. As the bus passes by several stops, suddenly the bell rang. The driver stopped the bus and open the exit door. But no one exit from the bus. I guess they must’ve pushed the bell at the wrong stop and decided to stay on board. Then to my own surprise, the driver suddenly went berserk (WARNING: Inappropriate language, viewers’ discretion in advised) “CELAKA, PUKI KAU!!! AKU DA LA PENAT DRIVE HARI NI, KORG MAIN2 LAK DGN LOCENG. NAK TURUN, TURUN LA. ANAK HARAM MANA YG TEKAN2 LOCENG TADI???!!!” Can you imagine that? A public servant using a highly inappropriate language in PUBLIC TRANSPORT!!! I mean, come on. You’re not the only one who is tired. EVERYBODY IS!!! We’ve waited for a long time for the bus after a long day in our study/work/office etc. If you wish for us to be considerate to you, YOU mus be considerate to others as well.

Before I end my entry, let me re-cap one thing. If you browse through my posts in this blog, the very first entry was about problems with public transportation. And that was written almost THREE-FOUR years ago!!! Fare rates have been increased, Oil prices also have been increased, Tolls also increased (Not to mentioned the everyday-grocery stuffs that increase along with others) in this three to four years and yet almost NOTHING have been improved. People might say that I’m complaining to much but hear me say; I pay for that and I want my share to be given as good as it can.

Would you like to pay RM4.50 for a rubbish?

Excuse me sir, are you a member?

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First of all, this post may trigger some unhappy bullet in your mind because it will involve religion (to a certain point) and also gender (to a certain point also). Well, what the heck. I’m just trying to tell the truth.

Last weekend, a history was made. The first ever Jom Heboh concert was held in Kelantan (watever). The problem (ignoring that crap Jom Heboh because that will be another topic) is that a few days after the concert, there is a ruckus in the newspaper regarding that concert. Who made that ruckus? Is he the one that usually oppose this kind of thing? The answer is NO!!! Surprised? The one that made all the ruckus was from someone who claims to be a prof from a certain local university.

So whats the problem there? The problem is, he accused the Kelantan Minister, Nik Aziz as practising gender bias because allegedly, Nik Aziz does not allow female artist to perform that night. WHAT??!! The prof also further accuse Nik Aziz of double standard because of that incident. A reminder before I proceed: I am not in any way going to involve politics in my blog. leave them to the politiCANS. First of all, dear prof, do you know the reason why Nik Aziz did what he did? Yes, it is because it clearly stated that women’s voice (when used inappropriately) is an AURAT. He forbid them not because he wants to; its because what Allah command!!! If you saying that what Nik Aziz did was double standard, then you have something wrong with your faith and understanding of Islam.

Okay, I’ve checked the prof’s name. Based on the name and his title as a prof, I assume that he is a muslim himself and also old enough to have kids. So, what he suggested was; Let the female singer sing with their tight cloth and lack-of-wool clothing because its what the people want. PFTTT~ Rebutal with a logic, just because its what people naturally want, it doesn’t mean that it is good for them. Look at the bugs, they are NATURALLY attracted to lights, does that bring them good? NO!!! They’re going to be zapped by the electricity!!! The same with the human, there are many things that we want naturally. But that doesn’t mean that things are good for us.

Relating to the prof age and having kids, I want him to think for a second. What if, one day his kids’ teacher come to class and show them a porn movie? Will he be angry by then? Of course he would. I bet his going to report and sue the whole education system for that. But in that teacher’s defense, the teacher say; well, its what the kids want to see. HAPPY?

Lastly, please be aware that what happened in Kelantan was purely because Nik Aziz wished to abide the rule that is set by Allah. He is a person that have studied the field of Islam in depth and practising it in daily life. In short, he knows what he was doing better than you do. He takes his ‘membership’ in Islam deeply into his heart. Therefore, learn first before you try to argue about something. But then again;

Are you a member???

Are you sure??

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1st stop: Yesterday, 29th of March was my Birthday. Yeay. hahahaha~ Next!!

2nd stop: Arguments. Will you involve yourself in an argument when you yourself know the fact that you have little (if any at all) information about the topic being argued? Let me answer that: YOU DON’T!!! You’ll only make a shame out of your face.

Why I suddenly state the 2nd stop? Because today, I was sitting as the cafe and just talking with my friends. Then she said a statement; “… well, they all look alike…”. So I interupt (with the intention of joking); “…Yo, that’s a racist statement…”. THEN, UNINVITEDLY… this person said to me (in a serious tone); “…Hey, that’s not a racist statement…”. At that I point, I really want to laugh at her (yes, a girl) face. I mean, come on, you spend your days reading academic books ONLY, go to class-listen to lecture, go home-make assignment, reading newspaper for entertainment news ONLY, and you want to argue with me that the statement is not racist??? That is one of the most basic racist statement one should know. Hahahahah~

To her defense, she said that (still in serious tone), my friend said that statement because the person that my friend spoken of is not very familiar to my friend. FAIL!!! That is exactly the reason why that statement is racist. Then, she compares it a an example; “…Like you for example, if you don’t know me and see me sitting to another person. You will say that I look like that other person…”. Hahahahah~ no wonder she thinks that it is not a racist statement. She cannot see the underlying meaning of words. Sigh~

But it’s ok. There are many other people out there who thinks and live the same daily routine (reading academic books ONLY, go to class-listen to lecture, go home-make assignment, reading newspaper for entertainment news ONLY). I understand that. But know that there are other things going on around you. Open up your mind and learn all of these things that you cannot learn from books. Embrace the real world. But I’m sure most of you will ignore my advice.

I guess you all are the same after all. Hahahahahah~


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Have you read yesterday’s newspaper? About that baby that was found amidst the pile of garbage and the intestine was ripped out by the stray dogs? Well, how do you feel about that news? here’s the link in case you don’t know. I hereby declare that should I find the perpretor, never ask me where do they gone. They are cruel, thoughtless, insignificant, pointless, useless, (put your curse words of choice here), people(bluerghh~ I don’t want to call them this, but there’s no other word. Even pigs don’t throw its kids away).

Some of them (or you) may argue with me that all this anger and cursing is unneccessary. I beg to differ. To their defence, they can say that it not their choice to throw away they baby…. DAMN… then whose fault? the baby? It was ALL YOUR FAULT. Lets begin with the basic shall we? 1st stop; I’m sure you’re young and at the peak of reproduction age. I get that. But what gives you the right to have the reproduction process illegally????!!!! Because it is your right? WRONG!!!! That event is your parents’ because their own you. Because you love your ‘true love’ that you are willing to give anything? WRONG AGAIN!!!! Thats not true love, that’s true LUST!!!

If they really, I mean, REALLY love you, they should want to be married with you. Why didn’t they???? Because they (and you) are still young? WRONG!!!! Its because YOU are just their plaything, not a serious relationship, just for the sake of ‘FUN”. Happy now? WAIT!!, I still have more. By now you would argue that some of them really want to marry with you but your family will NOT allow it. That your family, hinder you from getting marry. Ask this; WHY DO THEY HINDER YOU FROM MARRYING???? Is it because they don’t want you to be happy? WRONG AGAIN!!! Its exactly because they want you to be happy that they forbid you from marrying. Why? There’s a million reasons why they do that. Maybe you’re too YOUNG!!! (Seriously, marrying at 15@16???) You need more than just marriage and love to survive in this world. Or perhaps maybe because the man that you want to marry is absolutely incorrect for you. Which parents want their child to marry a person who doesn’t even have a stable job, let alone assets.

And where does these arguments lead us? Back to the main idea which is the baby dumping!! When you cannot marry because of legal reasons by your parents (or simply because you are very “MIANG”!!!) your take matters into your own hand and have those ‘minutes of fun’ just to endure the months of pregnancy and live-or-die child birth. And when that sinless baby is born into this world, knowing nothing, crying for the parents’ love and comfort, you kill them and throw it away to become DOG FOOD. (HOW NOBLE, FEEDING THE STRAY DOGS WITH YOUR OWN FLESH AND BLOOD). I say, if I come across anyone, male and female, who had ever did this, I think I’ll prepare another great meal for the dogs.

Bon apetite~

Good job guys!!!!

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I was walking to my home (Shah Alam’s) the other day when I came accross three people. From their look, it’s easy to say that they are around 13-15 years old (Kids~). So? Whats wrong with that? Well, nothing actually, except from their conversation that is.

I can’t help but listen to their conversation because… well, lets just say its rather interesting… one of the them (the biggest among them) said to the other two; “kalo ikut aku, mmg aku tak lepas budak tu. ko tgk tgn aku ni, habis lebam2”. Indeed, there are bruises on them (and on his face too). He then said; “aku tak ingat apa2 da time tu, aku tibai je muka dia smapai lembik. yang lain tak brani campur pon. Tu kat kawasan diorg tu, mari sini la kawasan aku kalau berani”. At this point I was like “What!!! you can barely speak, and claim to be proud of your gangsterism and fights???”

Well, some of may feel nothing reading this, but try to imagine this. Your siblings of 13-14 years old, barely a teenage, comes home and talking proudly to you how they have beat/punch/kick/plummet/trash another kid up to a point that the other kid cannot move. How would you feel then? And what if that kid die because of the action? Even better, what it is your sibling that is the victim of this situation? Hear me now?

Think about it…